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Quiet your thoughts, Still your body, Know who you are

Postures to Strengthen, Heal, & Purify the body

Mental Focus to Inspire, Support & Calm the mind

Prenatal Yoga

About Prenatal Yoga

My “Yoga for Birth” classes integrate the birth techniques taught in my Childbirth Education classes along with yoga postures that facilitate more strength, flexibility, and relaxation that are needed during birth. You’ll be encouraged to close your eyes, focus on yourself and your baby, breathe rhythmically, and trust your body’s wisdom, just like you’ll need to do when you’re in labor. All pregnant women, regardless of prior yoga experience, are encouraged to attend.

Time & Location

Please check The Mindful Body website to see which Monday nights I am teaching. I encourage you to take this class regardless whether I’m teaching or not. Women with a free class pass will be able to apply that to any Monday night class.

The Mindful Body
Mondays at 6:30pm – 7:40pm
2876 California Street @ Divisadero
San Francisco, CA 94115

Yoga on the Ropes

About Yoga on the Ropes

Yoga on the Ropes will help you find or perfect your alignment, length, and balance. You’ll activate muscle groups in a new way and feel more secure trying new poses. Inversions become accessible to almost anyone since you avoid putting weight on your hands, arms, or head. All of my classes focus on a mental theme as well, so you can take your practice and extend it into life off the mat.

Time & Location

This class is shared with Instructor Renee Colby. Please check the JCCSF website for dates that I am teaching.

The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Mondays at 10:30am – 11:50am
3200 California Street @ Divisadero
San Francisco, CA 94118

JCC Members » Free
Non-Members » $25 Day Pass
Contact Rachel to attend for $15 Class Pass

The best way to get a sense of Yoga on the Ropes is to watch this video.

Hypnotic Restorative Yoga Workshop

Co-Taught with Britt Fohrman

About Hypnotic Restorative Yoga

Hypnotic Restorative Yoga combines Depth Hypnosis and restorative yoga, bringing you to a whole new level of healing relaxation, insight and emotional wellbeing.

During this workshop, Britt Fohrman will instruct you through a sequence of heavenly restorative yoga poses, while I guide you on a unique journey towards the wise and knowing part of yourself. On this journey, you will have the opportunity to inquire into how you can achieve the transformation, clarity or healing that you’re seeking.

Restorative yoga uses supported poses, breath awareness and simple meditation techniques to restore health and vitality to the body and mind. Deep relaxation assists the body’s natural ability to cleanse, heal, rest, sleep, grow, conceive and build immunities.

This workshop is open to people of all backgrounds, levels, sizes and conditions.
Enrollment is limited. Pre-Registration highly recommended.

Time & Location

1470 Valencia Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110

March 11, 2018
1:00-4:15 $60 per class


Enjoy Rachel’s deep relaxation at home

Get the entire audio program if you’re pregnant.
Get section 2 and 3, “After the Birth” and “Going Deep” if you’ve had a baby in the last year. Get section 3, “Going Deep” if you want to sleep better, relax deeply, feel grounded, and be more positive.

Happy Yogis

I found empowering strength I never knew existed

During birth, I would get quiet and turn inward and after every push. I would just close my eyes and breathe. Afterwards, all the nurses asked me what I was thinking about in that process. I told them I was thinking of my yoga practice, my amazing teacher, Rachel

Bronwen H.

Prenatal Yoga

Rachel is a total GEM!

I feel like I’m drugs after a class with her (in a good way!). Because of what I learned and practiced in Rachel’s classes, giving birth was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life.

Jessica Z.H.

Prenatal Yoga

Every class is different in terms of a theme and sequence of poses, yet the feelings of deep relaxation, strength, space, inward focus, and intense well-being that I experience are always the same. Rachel’s makes me think, and more importantly, she makes me laugh.

Kate A.W.

Show me the Ropes

Rachel has a vast, deep knowledge of yoga

Rachel is able to use that knowledge to clearly guide her students through a multitude of poses. Each class brings new learning experiences because she tailors her classes to the people in the room.

Christa R.

Show me the Ropes

Rachel’s class revives me and brings me back to what’s real

She listens to issues students have, whether it’s physical or emotional, and addresses them via relaxing poses that promote strength and flexibility.

Cynthia K.

Show me the Ropes

Rachel’s class goes beyond yoga poses and provides a place to foster community, relaxation and shared experiences. She helped me develop a sense of confidence and connectedness that allowed me to experience a lovely labor, birth, and post-partum time.

Staci S.

Prenatal Yoga

I absolutely loved the hypnorestorative workshop and had great results during and afterwards

We were led through the postures while tuning into Rachel and Britt’s voices which easily led me into a hypnotic state for those several hours. Afterwards I felt incredibly rested and relaxed. Amazingly, that night I slept for the longest stretch of undisturbed sleep.

Barbara B.

Hypnotic Restorative Yoga

Because of Rachel’s yoga classes, I was able to birth our 10 pounds 7 ounce daughter without medicating or tearing. I was able to relax through my surges, and when I felt myself tightening up, I was able to gain some sense of composure and relaxation again.

Sara F.

Prenatal Yoga

Rachel gets to know her students and responds to their needs

She works on many levels during class: she is fun, serious, responsive, challenging, and understanding. I appreciate her professionalism and attentiveness.

Heidi S.

Prental Yoga


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