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Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond

Audio Relaxation Program

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“Rachel Yellin is simply an outstanding teacher who combines both intelligence and intuition in a flawless manner.”

I cannot recommend enough her program on relaxation for pregnancy. Not only will you enjoy her course, you will learn a life skill which will improve your mothering and make your life as a whole better. Thank you, Rachel, for being a warm friend, and for sharing your rich understanding of life with us.

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT
Yoga Teacher and 9-Time Author

Satisfied Listeners

I felt prepared for birth

I embraced pregnancy and felt confident. I bonded with my baby.

Sareena J.C

I was so inward during birth that my team had no idea where I was in my labor until I started pushing!
Barbara P.

Rachel’s audios are the reason why I rocked through the last few centimeters of dilation and pushing.
Jenny A.

Surges as gentle hugs around my baby!

These audios helped me trust that I could get the baby out of my body and feel good about it. I had an 8 hour labor!

Jessica Z.

The “Ultra Depth Relaxation” is the only thing that restores me during my hectic day.
Rebecca Y.

Huge gratitude for the postpartum tracks.

I was exhausted and struggling breastfeeding. With the audios, I rested, gained positive thoughts, and felt reassured that I am a good mother.

Stefanie W

My doula clients swear by Rachel’s program. It makes them feel like they can do it and everything is ok.
Ellen K.S

What else do you have to do that is
more important than making and birthing a baby???

Use coupon code FREEBIE10 for 10% off your purchase

Meet Rachel

Combining my 20 years of experience in birth work, yoga, and Depth Hypnosis therapy, I created the Audio Relaxation Program as the practice tool that reduces pain in labor, minimizes unplanned interventions and helps women go towards the sensations of labor so they can love meeting their baby. Learn more.

Please note: This program does not guarantee a low intervention birth. You can cultivate all the tools and skills for birthing, yet, the birth environment and people play a significant role in how the birth unfolds. Please choose a birth location and team which is congruent with the kind of birth you want for your baby.