Rachel Yellin has a purpose in life, and that is to bring joy to people giving birth in the Bay Area. She does this through childbirth classes, depth hypnosis therapy sessions and an audio relaxation program, all of which help women to feel a calmer and more able to go with the flow.

“I help people access skills, knowledge, and practices for the birth they want, so they can feel present, happy, and deeply satisfied when their baby is born,” she said.

Serving San Francisco and surrounding areas, Yellin focuses on helping women feel confident about giving birth and helps them to prepare for the event.

“I love teaching women the skills they need to handle the birth, and educating them as to how to have the birth go the way that the baby chooses,” she said. “I also am deeply committed to teaching parents the situations and circumstances that most commonly arise the lead to unnecessary medical interventions.”

Women who have prepared for childbirth with Yellin over the years report better outcomes. Yellin has a gift for inspiring people to access their innate power. Doulas, midwives, doctors and parents feel that her energy makes a difference in the way people experience birth.

Yellin trained as a doula or birth companion, a nonmedical person who supports the mother, spouse, and family at childbirth. Following her doula training, Yellin was introduced to HypnoBirthing. She became certified and began teaching HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education. She has continued her training with certification as a Hypnotherapist, and Depth Hypnosis practitioner.

Yellin feels that hypnosis is a highly effective way for women to relax during pregnancy and childbirth.

“When in a state of hypnosis, the conscious mind relaxes or gets quiet, and the subconscious mind takes over,” Yellin said. “When the subconscious mind is filled with positive images and thoughts, the body will often generate an experience to match those. Hypnosis, when done one on one, can help women heal from fears, limiting beliefs and past experience that could stand in their way of their baby being born as smoothly as possible.”

As well as her special energy, Yellin feels that the holistic nature of her birth classes benefits people. They involve HypnoBirthing, along with practices and teachings from yoga, Buddhism, Shamanism, transpersonal psychology, neuropsychology, hypnosis, meditation, relational counseling and health studies.

As well as childbirth classes, the essential tool for helping parents prepare is the audio relaxation program. In the future, Yellin hopes to offer online classes for pregnant women and their partners. She also hopes that the audio relaxation program ‘Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond’ will become part of every childbirth education class at hospitals, birth centers, and private classes. The third section of the audio program is also offered separately and can be used by anyone wanting to experience deep relaxation.

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