Section 1: Pregnancy & Birth contains 10 tracks that will provide you with everything you need to have a more relaxed, positive, and supported pregnancy and birth. Rachel’s use of hypnosis-based relaxation, positive affirmations and guided meditations will help the mom-to-be and her partner to concentrate in such a way that allows an inward focus; the kind of focus that is needed to release into the normal sensations of labor and help a baby perceive that the mother is relaxed, and ready for birth.

If you want your baby to feel safe, loved, supported, welcomed, relaxed and calm during birth, you’ll need techniques to help yourself and your partner stay calm, positive, relaxed, and supported. This program provides a way for you to learn these techniques and will give you the support you need for a positive pregnancy and birth.

You can learn more about each track on the downloadable Listening Guide.

Section 1 covers these topics:

  • Guided hypnosis for pregnancy
  • Relaxation and affirmations for pregnancy
  • Relaxation and affirmations for the Birth partner
  • Ultra depth relaxation
  • Breathing Instruction and practice
  • Guided hypnosis for later pregnancy and birth
  • Relaxation and affirmations for later pregnancy and birth
  • Labor and birth rehearsal

Consider purchasing Section 2: After the Birth to be fully supported as a new parent or consider purchasing the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Bundle that contains sections 1, 2 as well as Section 3: Going Deep a deep relaxation series for anybody, any time. The Bundle is $60, a 25% discount compared to purchasing each section separately.


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You likely know about the benefits of using this program to have a better pregnancy and birth. And, it’s important to consider that you’re going to need something to help you acclimate to the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that come with having a new baby. Sections 2 and 3 of program will support your transition and help you relax into parenting. It will help you sleep, and give you guidance and nurturing around caring for your baby.