Sleep better. Have positive thoughts about parenting. Love breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Section 2: “After the Birth” will help you with hypnosis-based relaxation, positive affirmations and guided meditations post-partum. Rachel’s soothing voice will reassure you, give you confidence, help you tap into your inner wisdom to help you and your partner take the best care of yourself and your baby postpartum.

Rachel suggests listening to these tracks a few times as you get closer to your baby’s due date, but these tracks are also appropriate for several months, even years after the birth.

You can purchase Section 2: After the Birth by itself or as part of the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Bundle, Download the Listening Guide for more details on each track. All tracks in section 3: Going Deep are also appropriate for postpartum.

Here is what is included in Section 2: After the Birth:

  • Sleep Hypnosis for Parents with Babies
  • Relaxation and Affirmations for Parenting
  • Loving Breastfeeding
  • Connected Bottle Feeding



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