Section 3: Going Deep

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5 Tracks


Section 3: Going Deep contains 5 audio tracks that use Hypnosis and guided meditation to help you clear your mind, feel grounded, deeply relax and sleep.  Rachel’s soothing voice will lead you into ultra depth relaxation any time you need it. This is a program that is appropriate for any person at any phase of life.

You can see details about each track on the downloadable Listening Guide.

This is what is included in Section 3: Going Deep

  • Sleep Hypnosis for Anyone
  • Ultra Depth Relaxation
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Journey into Vast Space

Ultra Depth Relaxation Demo

1 review for Section 3: Going Deep

  1. Christina Clark (verified owner)

    I love Rachel Yellin’s “Going Deep” tracks. They have relaxed and centered me, and enhanced my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I recommend her tracks to everyone! I only wish there were more!

    • Rachel Yellin

      Hi, Christina! Thanks for your endorsement of my “Going Deep” tracks. Well, I’d love to make some more, but I’ve been very busy with my Childbirth Classes in San Francisco! Thanks for being a customer.

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