Coaching and Depth Hypnosis Therapy

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Coaching and Depth Hypnosis Therapy

People come to me because there is something about their life that is not working or there is some aspect of their own behavior, thought patterns, or habits that is preventing them from living a life of ease, satisfaction, or connection. I help people get to the root of the problem, heal it, clear it, and cultivate the future that they actually want for themselves.

Here are the most common reasons people work with me:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Unproductive thought patterns or behaviors
  • Health or medical issues that may include upcoming treatments or surgeries
  • Recovery from traumatic experience
  • Death or loss of baby, a loved one, or an aspect of life
  • Test taking, public speaking, performance
  • Fears, phobias, addictions
  • Lifestyle transformation

The therapeutic techniques that I used can help you:

  • Hone your intuition and trust yourself more
  • Train your brain to have thought patterns that support the life you want
  • Feel happier and have faith in the life
  • Develop a lifestyle that you feel is right for you
  • Meet life with confidence, strength and a sense of personal power
  • Cultivate habits and a mindset that really work for you
  • Have more energy for what’s important to you

When we work together, you can count on me to:

  • Listen, ask lots of questions, and be compassionate.
  • Be non-judgmental and keep everything confidential.
  • Be direct with you and tell you what I see, perceive or think.
  • Help you identify your patterns that are no longer working for you.
  • Insist that you stay present and show up for yourself.
  • Point out (lovingly) if you are giving your power away or not taking radical responsibility for yourself and your experience.
  • Give you tools to practice at home and expect you to be the leader in your own healing or transformation.
  • Hold you accountable to the changes that you want to see.
  • Support you in being patient and compassionate with yourself.
  • Remind you to love yourself.


Sleep better, relax deeply, feel grounded, and become more positive

Going Deep: Section 3 of Rachel’s Audio Relaxation Program

Client Experiences

While working with Rachel, I accessed the subconscious or dream-like states

This gave me a way to pull the threads of my core personality, tracing fixed patterns back to their source. Rachel is very intelligent, intuitive and compassionate. She will hold a safe place for you to discover deeply embedded reasons for your behavior and decisions with the utmost integrity. This therapy gave me the courage to explore issues I had not felt comfortable or safe to explore previously.

Angela H.

I saw Rachel for extreme test anxiety. Her hypnotherapy was very effective and I was able to take my test and pass with flying colors and with no anxiety-I even felt calmness while taking it. What a miracle worker! Long term I have been able to use the tools she gave me, that I learned in our sessions, and apply them to stressful situations in everyday life. I cannot thank her enough.

Star S.

In 2014, I found myself at a crossroads in my life and immobilized by issues that had plagued me since I was a teenager. Nothing I was doing seemed to be helping, including traditional talk therapy, but Rachel lovingly held space for me to deeply transform my relationship to my self and the world. I learned tools that empowered me as an individual and helped me gain clarity and confidence in my life moving forward. Working with Rachel was a gift I gave myself and I am truly grateful as I now experience the positive ripple effects in my life.

Jen B.

I went to see Rachel for hypnotherapy and counseling while suffering through several major life losses.

She is extremely intuitive and offers support and guidance with grace and ease. After each session I left with a heightened sense of clarity, inner strength and courage. Not only were my sessions empowering and healing, but she also gave me valuable resources and exercises which have been vital to my life and well being. I am so grateful to have had her support through such a difficult period and I continue to draw from the well of strength she helped me tap into.

Jackie G.