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Video Recordings

Can’t make any of the group classes? Already taken a class with Rachel during a previous pregnancy? Yes To Birth! highly encourages purchase video recordings.


Happy Parents

Catalyzing a profound, strong and quick change

She teaches about labor and birth from a perspective that’s less well-known in our culture. If you and your partner want to be together and strong during this (amazing) experience, this class will give you the support that you want.


A Real Turning Point

After taking her class we felt so reassured that we’d made the right choices about bringing our baby into this world the best way we can!

Kelly K.

Fearful or Anxious about Birth?

Rachel shifted me into positive energy. She emphasized how the energy you bring to the birth is the energy with which you welcome your baby into this world. This statement has given me the foundation to feel confident that I can welcome my baby into the world with love and joy rather than fear and anxiety.

Betty R.


Meet Your Instructor

I believe that the way babies are born makes an impact on the rest of their lives. Therefore, I work with women and their partners to create a warm and welcoming environment where babies feel safe to enter.

My job is to help you feel totally confident and ready to say YES to Birth! AND have the information you need to make choices where, after your baby is born, you are completely satisfied with the way it all went.

Be a Family


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