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The Benefits of the Yes To Birth! Programs:

  • Birthers make informed choices
  • Birthers are relaxed and focused
  • Have higher rates of natural or low intervention births 
  • Birthers have more stamina
  • Birthers feel more rested during pregnancy 
  • Birthers report much more pleasure and a lot less pain during birth  
  • Couples improve their relationships and experience more love
  • Partners are more effective supporters during birth 
  • Interventions are reduced or eliminated 
  • Recovery is faster and more enjoyable 
  • Clients have a better birth experience

Affiliate Program Products

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Audio Program

San Francisco Childbirth Education Classes

On-line Childbirth Class Videos

The Yes To Birth! Interview Series


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  • Clients receive a discount on all products.
  • Affiliates receive a referral bonus for each product sold.

How does it work?

here is what you need to know about joining our program

  • Complete the registration form, it’s free and it takes three minutes – Join Here.
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  • Refer people to any of the classes or products using your personalized affiliate link, and provide them with the appropriate discount codes if you’d like them to receive a discount.
  • When they purchase or register, they receive a discount and you receive a referral bonus!
  • If you would prefer to not receive a referral bonus, and only be able to give your clients discounts, you can opt out of getting paid.

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