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Join me on my mission to support pregnant women with the physical relaxation and positive mindset they need for a satisfying birth experience.

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Help women and their partners feel
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The Yes To Birth tools

Audio Relaxation Program – a stand alone tool My Audio Relaxation Program trains the body to relax and support the mind to have have thoughts to make birth easier and less painful.

Childbirth Classes (in person or online) which include the Audio Relaxation Program, give couples all of the information, education, techniques to have self-directed, autonomous birth experience while deepening their connection to each other and their baby.

My affiliates are anyone who works with pregnant or postpartum women or anyone that loves the program and thinks it’s of value to friends, family or colleagues.

The benefits of you becoming an affiliate:

  • Help your clients have a better birth experience
  • Receive 20% of Audio Relaxation Program referral purchases
  • Receive 10% of class registration fees for Childbirth Education Class referrals
  • Get access to marketing materials (print and online) to boost your affiliate sales
  • Receive support and coaching to optimize your messaging and increase your earnings
  • Be connected with other like-minded birth professionals

My passion is helping people have the best birth experience possible. This means learning, preparing, and practicing for birth so the mom is excited, confident, and surrounded by love when she is birthing her baby. In addition to a healthy birth, the intention is a satisfying, positive experience.

During my journey as a professional doula attending hundreds of births and teaching thousands of people the fundamentals of HypnoBirthing Childbirth education along with many other modalities, I developed a unique program to help birthing women and their partners. The Yes to Birth! Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Audio Relaxation Program is an essential practice tool that helps women develop the mindset to go towards the sensations of labor, welcoming their baby with confidence, focus, and the ability to let go.

This Audio Program uses relaxation and meditation in addition to breathing and hypnosis techniques that expectant moms can use to practice at home so that they can have a less painful, more manageable birth in any location.

If you’re passionate about helping women have a better birth experience, become an affiliate of my Audio Program and my in-person and live online childbirth classes, and let your referrals financially support you.

That’s what this affiliate program is about. By recommending Yes to Birth! Audio Relaxation Program and Rachel’s in-person or LIVE online childbirth education and birth techniques classes, you can help women become confident and empowered as they prepare for birth while at the same time receiving a percentage of sales and registration fees.

Who is the ideal affiliate?

You are the ideal affiliate if you see value in the audio program and you want to refer it to pregnant women, postpartum women, or any person at any stage of life who wants to feel better.

If you are:

  • A doctor, OB GYN or medical professional that works with pregnant women
  • A midwife or doula looking for additional tools to assist their clients
  • A childbirth educator looking for resources to empower their students
  • An acupuncturist specializing in pregnancy and maternity care
  • A yoga, pilates, or fitness instructor helping pregnant women prepare for birth
  • A chiropractor or physical therapist aligning women through their pregnancy
  • A lactation consultant assisting new mothers to bring ease and peace
  • A nutritionist for pregnant women looking for alternative supplements to support pregnancy
  • A therapist or coach working with mamas-to-be who desire more confidence and ease
  • A maternity store looking for unique pregnancy gifts
  • A pregnancy or maternity blog / website wanting to promote an amazing birth-prep tool
  • A mom who has used and loved the program that wants to share the love

By referring the program and/or the classes to women who are worried about birth or who really want to have a low intervention birth, you help women feel prepared, and, it’s as if you’re acting as a store, selling a product, for which you’re receiving a percentage of the sale.

How does it work?

Joining the affiliate program takes only 3 minutes!

When you refer someone to Rachel Yellin’s Yes to Birth! Audio Relaxation Program.

  • Give your client/customer your personal affiliate code to use when they checkout. You’ll receive this within 2 business days of signing up.
  • They receive 20% off and you receive 20% of sale.
  • Clients/customers can also buy the program through your customized affiliate link. That way the customer does not get a discount, and you receive 20% of the retail price.
The audio program is included in the price of the childbirth classes. If people are going to take my class, they do not need to buy the program.

When you refer someone to any of Rachel’s In-Person or LIVE online childbirth education classes.

  • When you refer people to take any of my childbirth classes, give your client a generic discount to receive a $25 discount at registration checkout. You’ll receive the code within 2 business days of signing up.
  • All affiliates use the same code.
  • Registrants MUST enter your name on the registration form as the referral source.
  • You receive 10% of the class fee. That’s $50 on a $495 class series, and $30 on a $295 class intensive.

Once your account is approved (usually takes 2 business days) you will receive a special link to your personal Rachel Yellin Affiliate Page. This link will be unique to you and will contain your referral links and coupon codes.

  • If you choose, you will receive marketing postcards on which you’ll enter your personal affiliate code on the audio program side, and you’ll enter your name on the childbirth classes side.
  • When your client/customer uses your personal code, they will receive 20% off the audio program. When they enter the generic code and list your name as the referral source, they will receive a $25 discount on classes.
  • You will be provided with a personal link from which people can purchase the audio program only. You can choose to give people your personal code or not.
  • Even if someone learned about the program through my promotions or paid ads that I run, if they click on YOUR link to buy, YOU get the commission.
  • You can count on receiving your commission payouts via PayPal. There is no minimum threshold for payment.
  • You don’t need to invest any money. There are no time commitments. The more you promote the audio relaxation program and the in-person or LIVE online childbirth classes, the more you benefit others and generate revenue for yourself.
  • Added Bonus: When you agree to list the audio program and childbirth classes on your website, you will be added to my special affiliate page on my website. If we link to each others websites, we all benefit.

Here are some ideas on how you can promote the Audio Relaxation Program

  • Add the referral link and coupon code to your Welcome emails for your students or clients.
  • Grab a “creative” and add it to social media. You can choose to add the coupon code in your social message.
  • Use a “creative” and add it to your website or blog.
  • Use your referral link when you list the Yes to Birth! Audio Relaxation Program in your resources for clients. Remember to offer them the coupon code.
  • If you ordered postcards, leave out the postcards at your office or studio for clients or add to gift baskets.
If you have a specific request that you want in term of images, suggested copy, banners or promotional material, please let me know and we can assist you.

Why This Program and Classes?

If you ask people who know me now; doulas, midwives, doctors, and parents, they would say that my Yes to Birth! Audio Relaxation Program is effective because the energy that surrounds my guided relaxations makes an enormous difference in the way women experience birth. They’d say that my classes also promote a much deeper connection between the parents and the baby, and a deeper connection to each other. The classes are full of information and practices that really make a difference, and they are also VERY entertaining.

It’s a little surprising, given that I’ve never given birth myself, but perhaps my “gift” is a result of the hundreds of births I’ve attended, or from listening to thousands of my birthing class students tell me their experiences, or from reading countless books about birth, or simply from having an enormous passion for helping people access their innate power.

Women who have used my Yes to Birth! Audio Relaxation Program and have taken my Childbirth education and birth techniques classes:

  • Have higher rates of natural birth
  • Need fewer interventions
  • Report being able to handle tough births really well
  • Recover faster
  • Are more satisfied with their birth experience

This Audio Program Includes

Satisfied Listeners

The Rachel Yellin mp3s were absolutely essential for this birthing experience!

They were the reason the transition and pushing phase were so manageable. I was blown away!

Jenny from Atlanta

Felt the surges as gentle hugs around my baby!

I had no idea that I needed this program until I looked down one day and wondered how I was going to get the baby out of my body and feel good about it! Rachel’s audios saved me. I had an 8 hour labor and can honestly say that I felt the surges as gentle hugs around my baby!

Jessica Z.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the tracks in the postpartum section of the program

My world was collapsing due to exhaustion and troubles with breastfeeding. Rachel’s tracks helped me get the rest I needed, and put positive thoughts in my mind to reassure me that I was actually being a good mother.

Stefanie W

Join the affiliate program now

If this is something that speaks to you, it’s time to join. The process is quick, easy, and free.

The last step you need to take now:

  • Fill out the form and click sign up (don’t worry, nothing will be charged)

That’s all you need to do. I will then review the information and, if all is good, I’ll set up your affiliate account and send you an email to let you know. This can take me up to 2 business days.

If you have any questions about this program, or if you get stuck any step along the way, don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s a pleasure to be together with you on this journey to empower pregnant women! 🙂

Thank you for getting this extremely helpful practice tool into the hands and minds of women all over the world!

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