Instinct tells us, along with oodles of evidence, that breastfeeding your baby is the way to go. But it’s not just about getting the breast in the baby’s mouth… it’s about allowing the baby to initiate his/her own feeding. It’s also about what’s coming out of the breast.

•Watch these videos about a natural process called “The Breast Crawl”.

•See this link for all the science about the breast crawl (also a good resource to show your doctor if they are hesitating on allowing you skin to skin right away and delaying the infant exam) 

•See these Nutritional Recommendations for a Breastfeeding Mom:
•Sometimes moms have a difficult time breastfeeding. Despite how hard they try, all the strategies they implement, and all the professionals they hire, their baby is just not getting what they need to thrive.  Here are some resources to help you make a formula that is free of soy, GMO’s, and other processed ingredients:
•FAQs about Homemade Formula
•Recipe for Homemade Formula
•Where to buy the “Make Your Own Formula Kit”
Good luck mamas!