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In my childbirth classes, coaching, therapy, & audio relaxation programs, I’ll help you access skills, knowledge, and practices for the birth you want, so you can feel present, happy, and deeply satisfied when your baby is born.

Childbirth Classes

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Rachel Yellin

I have an enormous passion for helping people access their innate power. My life has been dedicated to supporting people to feel better about being alive. Since 2002, I’ve worked with pregnant and non-pregnant people alike, to gain access to the wisdom and strength within so that they can be who they were born to be.

Happy Clients

“Rachel Yellin has a beautiful voice and a pacing and rhythm that makes it possible for people to go with her.”

Suzanne Arms
Birth Advocate and author of Immaculate Deception


Rachel is fiercely passionate about birth, calmly reassuring, and maintains a personal vulnerability that allows space for pregnant couples to breathe into their own vulnerability in order to optimize their experience in something so delicate and sometimes emotional as a birthing class.

Laura W.

Childbirth Classes

While working with Rachel, I accessed the subconscious or dream-like states. This gave me a way to pull the threads of my core personality, tracing fixed patterns back to their source. Rachel is very intelligent, intuitive and compassionate. She will hold a safe place for you to discover deeply embedded reasons for your behavior and decisions with the utmost integrity. This therapy gave me the courage to explore issues I had not felt comfortable or safe to explore previously.

Angela H.

Depth Hypnosis for Everyone


Rachel makes class fun, light-hearted, and extremely informative. After the class we felt confident, prepared and excited for birth.

Aimee O.

Childbirth Classes

I came to see Rachel during my second trimester of a very high risk pregnancy for anxiety and insomnia. With all of my personal and professional coping skills, nothing was working. Rachel was perceptive, sensitive, kind, wise and very skilled. The session was unique in the way it cut right the heart of the matter. Continued sessions left me feeling connected to myself in a deep and powerful way. I took this sense of inner resource with me into my (unavoidably difficult) birth. I’m so grateful for the support Rachel provided me on my journey into Motherhood!

Sasha P.

Depth Hypnosis for Pregnancy

Twins, full-term naturally!

In class, my hubby had dozens of “aha” moments while I absorbed how best to set myself up for a hospital birth. I used Rachel’s audios throughout the pregnancy and used the breathing and relaxation practices during the whole labor and births. That’s what enabled me to do it without so much as even an aspirin!

Gretchen T.

Audio Relaxation Program

Rachel’s class goes beyond yoga poses and provides a place to foster community, relaxation and shared experiences. She helped me develop a sense of confidence and connectedness that allowed me to experience a lovely labor, birth, and postpartum time.

Stacy S.

Prenatal Yoga